A laptop is like a pet: You must choose the right, there is no possibility of mistake, you can not change and will weigh buying the Laptop not suitable, you may think I’m dramatic, just wait and see for yourself

Weight and Size

While smaller and lighter, more basic and less features have the Laptop.

* Weight. Laptops generally weigh between 1.3 kg and 5 kg, but most are below 2.4 kg When shopping for a laptop thinks that both mobilize with her weight is important, at the end 5Kg become a torture. If you want a laptop to be in your desk all the time, buy the heavier and bigger, and if you think that someday she will travel to buy the smallest you can buy. Appreciate this advice.
* Size. The most common size laptop screen is 12.1, 14.1, and 15 inches, however, there are smaller and much larger!. Small can reach 8.4 inches, this type of laptop are very good for travelers, but do not work hard to display large Excel sheets for example. The size is good on the side of portability but is harmful when viewing the screen content, you must find a balance.


MOUSE instead of current, a laptop will find various types of devices that allow you to operate the cursor

* Touchpad. A touchpad is a square area that allows your finger over Alpas move the cursor on the screen of the laptop. The touchpad can be quite annoying, when writing, to touch him with a finger by accident put the cursor across the screen, however, have not yet made serious attempts to replace it with another device
* Pointing stick or rubber joystick. Is another type of device to move the cursor. This device responds to pressure and handles like a lever. Some people find it easy to use for others is a nightmare, is a matter of taste.

I suggest before you buy, check out two features, the touchpad can be as exasperating as the rubber joystick.


Most of the time the laptop is connected to the outlet from the wall, but regardless of this, surely, wants to buy the Laptop for a little bit of freedom, right?, If you are at the airport, in a Park will need batteries.

There are three types of batteries:

* Li +. The majority of buyers prefer (Lithium-ion) because of the durability and along the load.
* NiMH. If you want to lower the cost of the laptop, you can find a battery nickel metal-hydride (NiMH), however, remember this, these batteries need to be loaded at all times.
* NC. These will probably not be an option, but if a seller wants to sell a laptop with these batteries, I run from the store at the time!. These batteries are the worst, it costs much load.


There are two types of screens: matrix and passive matrix:

* Active-Matrix (TFT). It’s a quick screen, you can see from side angles close enough. The photos and graphics look better in this type of display.
* Passive-Matrix (Dual-Scan). Although it is very difficult to get laptops with this type of screen, if you are looking for economy, may be an option. These screens are a bit slow. If you want a laptop for basic use and nothing graphic is may be a possibility.

To see which type of screen is the laptop you buy, move the cursor if the cursor disappears while moving then it is passive matrix

Other features to consider

* Keyboard. Although any laptop will have a limited in size keyboard, try to find a laptop that is as comfortable with your writing, test writing, see if the laptop heat in the place where you will place your hands, also note the long their fingers and the keyboard away from where support can be the palms of the hands.
* Durability. If you are considering moving your laptop much of place, perhaps you should consider a laptop with a mechanism to protect hard drive, this will help preserve your hard drive and data safe. On the other hand, consider that the matte black laptops last longer in good condition? Pretty? those of another color.
* Compatibility. If possible, test before buying a Laptop. Make sure the laptop is compatible with you. If you are buying the laptop on the Internet try to get the same model in a store so it can be tested.

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